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Any non-white person of non-USA origin. Not limited to people of African decent, but inclusive of all the world's colored peoples - brown, red, yellow, orange, black, pink, etc.

Not always meant as a derogatory term, but as a simple standby when describing a multi-national, multi-race congregation of people.
PRESIDENT OF U.N. >> "And now to address the council, the esteemed representative from the United States of America, Melique Johnson."

MELIQUE >> "What up all my World Niggers, its great to be back in the NYC representin' all my niggas from the U.S. to tha A. BIOTCH. Don't ya World Niggers be disrespectin'"

PAKISTANI REPRESENTATIVE >> "I be a World Nigger my homies...thank you, come again."
by Some Fat Guy October 04, 2007
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