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Doing some bull crap while on the job, that doesn't really qualify as actual work. Something to do to look busy when a boss comes around, but not exerting any energy or really doing anything that is productive.
Nick, "Shit man, we got a code 'I'!"
Vance, "Yo, I'm a tenth degree black belt in Work aikido. Watch me arrange the shit out of those batteries!"
Vance "faces" batteries, bringing them to the forward.

Working at Walgreens reading a magazine at the front cash register. Boss man comes up, and you "top" the cigarettes. That means you push them down so they are all as packed tight towards the bottom rack as possible. "Way to go Vance, really keeping that cig display good looking. Gold star material!"
by VMoneyHos (V$) May 18, 2008
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