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When you are so horny when you get off work that you don't even have time to get a Kleenex; all you have time to do is throw off a shoe, take off a sock & release a gooey delight after a hard day workin' for the man. Can cum in any color or size as long as you had at least 8 hours of work in them.

Also can be referred to as a really ugly girl that is used for sex. She would be a cum sock. Throw it in the washer/out-of-your-apartment when you're done & never talk to it/her until next week when you are horny again.
Brian: "Fuck Mark, I'm so horny I just blew a load in my work sock".
Mark: "Nice, sounds like a long day at the office".

Jeff: "Dude that girl was so ugly, how horny were you to have to bang her"?
Jared: "I was so horny, it was either her or a cum sock!!"
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An article of clothing you don't mind getting dirty after you "pleasure" yourself in your room.
Billy was in his room looking at internet porn. When it was time to clean up the mess he grabbed his "work sock".
by buck naked23 April 11, 2011
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