The phrase that inevitably follows when there is a debate over which video game is better.
Guy 1: 2 is better than 1, man.

Guy 2: them fighting words. . .1 is clearly better than 2.
by Ereck Flowers August 31, 2018
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Scrolling through tik tok some guy says I refrain from using the nig word and it turns to black squidward
I don’t like to use the nig word
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an word, even trough highly offensive to black people, is mainly used by them, and they just say it for no reason most of the time
black guy: says THE n word
broi: bruh
by someone else thats not u March 04, 2021
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A word that your not supposed to say if your white because the word is derogatory towards black people specifically, technically being racist
My dad: oh, look at the n word
My head: you goddamn republicans
by ZIZZY April 14, 2021
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Something typically only black people can say, but nowadays, everyone can say it, because why the fuck not?! The N word was originated from "Negus", which is basically an african king. And no, Lil Huddy is NOT your skinny little african king.
Black people: "Please don't say The N - Word, as it's originated from a Negus, or an African king, and is a part of African history! ( we never asked for this drama over a WORD anyways." )
Other races: How about I ✨say it anyway?✨

DISCLAIMER: Not every white, latino, mexican, or asian person can't LIVE without saying the N Word, so please don't get all defensive!
by coffeebitch December 07, 2020
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A word that is forbidden from white people. rhymes with trigger
random person: I'm gonna say the n-word!
me: thats rascist you can't say that!

the n word is very bad
by the lord of memes April 29, 2020
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