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A college in Burbank, California. They operate sims in Second Life where they also have a group with over 500 members. The group in Second Life has be subject to allot of controversy for harboring griefers and trolling other residents. Their original sim "Woodbury University" was destroyed by Linden Labs in 2007.
Woodbury University members.

20:00 Eiyahn Andel: i cannot maek cube
20:00 Stephie Dawes: You need to be in the group.
20:00 Eiyahn Andel: i dont know how to join, all ive ever done is griefing/sim crashing not group stuff
20:01 Stephie Dawes: lol
20:01 Nidol Slazar: rofl
by /k/k/ March 22, 2010
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