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The swagger that is injected into a fetis during the third trimester by the fetus carrying human/animal. This type of swagger can not be modified from its original state. Side effects of Womb Swagger include: large penis, long multiple sex sessions, jealous ex girlfriends from years past, bloating, gloating, diarrhea, upset stomach, elephantitis, STD from random sluts, and strong forearm muscles. Please seek a doctor if you are taking the following medications: Viagra, Petpto Bismo, Tums, Advil, Preperation H, chewing gum, and/or Cymbalta. If you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours please consult a different slut to decrease the swelling.
Why is your ex-girlfriend always telling her friends not to date you. You broke up with that slut years ago. Oh it must be your Womb Swagger.
by chadalackgrill October 13, 2009
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