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A bad ass mercenary who is the rivel of Fox McCloud in the nintendo franchise Starfox. Wolf O'donnell made his first apperance in Starfox 64 on the nintendo 64 in 1997. In the game he was and still is the leader of Starfoxe's rivel team Starwolf. His teamates consised of Leon Pawswaski a cameleon an assassin who is also a skilled pilot , Pigma Dangar a pig a fat fucking slob who always says he'll do Peppy fast and also was a former member of team Starfox tll he became a traiter. Then there is Andrew Oikonny OMG he is such a fucking duce if you were locked in a closet with him you would blow your fucking brains out his voice is so innoying and it's worse when he yells uncle Andross. In this game Wolf's estimated age is 21. Wolf O'donnell returns in Starfox assault on the gamecube in 2005. Pigma and Andrew are no longer on the team thank god instead there's a new member named Panther Carosso he's a womanizer who's interested in the team Starfox member Krystal. In the game Wolf 's estimated age is 30.
Sorry I didn't get to finish it I ran out of room. I will do another one on Wolf O'donnell
by Wolfen26 December 18, 2009
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