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A marathon (endurance test) like party in suburban Melbourne, Australia. A 'wogathon' generally lasts 5 to 6 hours and occurs when wogs have no rave to go to on a Saturday/Sunday night.

So instead of going and taking party drugs and dancing in an abandoned warehouse in south Melbourne, wogs assemble at their mother's house and are served fruits and drink a lot of ouzo.

the older men play backgammon and are waited on by the women..

generally no women under 60 attend wogathons

if invited to a wogathon, dress accordingly: adidas trackpants (they're obviously NOT just for sport) and a tight shirt, regardless of your physique.. although, generally male wogs are buff

if you are a female accompanying your cousin, i.e bf, wear black stretchy leggings and a top...

basically for both genders, you want to look as inappropriate as possible, and as though you should be going to the gym rather than actually going out..
wog 1: "Oi bro, wats goin' on dis weekend?"
wog 2: "well, i got my cuz's wedding on"
wog 1: "ooh bro, is that the hot one?"
wog 2: "yeh mate, she's a sick bitch."
wog 1: "too bad bro, you could have come to my wogathon tomo night."
wog 2: "ohh shit bro, that sucks"

it's a sat arvo in oakleigh. 3 wogs are sitting around a table eating souvlaki from their uncle's shop
1 - "ey bro, wat we doin' tonight?"
2 - "well the rave got busted for drugs"
1 - "wogathon..?" (he's proposing an idea
2 - "oi bro, great idea.. let's call all our fully sick relatives"
by true blue wog August 12, 2010
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A race run by Africans, Most of whom are of ethnic minority.
" Glangala ran the wogathon, because he was good at running, and he fitted under the catergory of Ethnic Minority"
by RickyJohnstone June 28, 2005
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