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Any super-modified, hotted up car driven by a person of Italian decent. In Australia, the Holden Commodore or 79/80 model Ford Falcon is the vehicle of choice for wogs when making the switch to a Wog Chariot.

The doof doof of techno music can often be heard pumping from huge subbies in the Chariot, as can the loud "psssh" of a blowoff valve.

The driver will usually sit with the seat wound right back so that they are barely visible in the vehicle. They will also wear a baseball cap in such a way that the forehead and hair can be seen at the front.

The term Wog Chariot was also sometimes used in the Australian 1970's TV comedy, "Kingswood Country".
Doof Doof Doof! Psssh! Psssh!

Man it's fucking busy out here tonight.

Yeah, once it hits 9 all the fucking wog chariots start cruising.

by Dave J Watson November 09, 2006
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