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A fast paced, intense drinking game that originated in Cedarburg, WI consisting of a group of people that sit around a shot glass (the wishing well) on a table and try to bounce in a set amount of quarters(usually 4-5 per person). Upon each person bouncing in a quarter they would call out "1" for their first quarter in and then "2" for their second and so on until the decided amount of quarters is in the "well" or shot glass. The person left last with quarters either can drink a set amount or take the number of drinks left of the quarters they fail to get into the well. It is a good idea to keep extra quarters around the well in the event that some may fall on the ground during play, also, as the number of desired players increases the number or wells can increase.
We played a sweet new drinking game called Wishing Well (drinking game) at Party Buss's house this weekend and got totally bombed!
by Party Buss July 02, 2009
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