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An overcrowded school in WI that has no shortage of rude rich kids, stressful classes, hoes, and is prone to making it's students stressed and wishing they could jump off of the near by bridge or various cliffs found in town. The school is also known for doing fuck all when it comes to bullying or any other problems it's students may face while attending.
Person 1: "Where do you go to school?"
Person 2: "Wisconsin Dells High School"
Person 1: "Oh.. I'm so sorry."
by dumbh03 October 22, 2019
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a high school in central wisconsin that is full of stuck up kids whos parents own waterparks. but still have shitty parties evem though they are mostly rich. the dells rivals consist of Adams Friendship, which is a bunch of redneck inbred fucks who are 20 MINUTES due north of the dells.
hey clay! we are playin the adams friendship green devils tonight!

ohh god john! i better make sure i put duck tape over my butt hole, we should not let adams beat the wisconsin dells high school in our own gymnasium
by clayton aka ktmclay October 30, 2008
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