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Wipeout Pure is a fairly popular version of the Playstation set of games of future racing set up for the PSP. One of the launch titles for the portable system, Wipeout quickly rose to fame with graphics camparable to the PS2 and fun gameplay. But what caught alot of peoples attention was that it had the option for internet downloads. In this way gamers could finaly hack into the internet, as the current update for the official browser was not yet available.
Wipeout Pure: Welcome to the ride of your life.
Jack: What game should I buy for my PSP?
Jill: I hear Wipeout Pure and Lumines are really good.
Jack: IΒ΄ll get Wipeout then. I can use it to hack the internet.
Jill: Ok. But enough small talk, were almost to the top of the hill. Man, IΒ΄m I thirsty!
by Triakis Purist July 14, 2006
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