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Time of the year when ponies, unicorn, and pegasus who live in Ponyville work together and literally get rid of Winter and get ready for Spring. Magic is not allowed during this event since Ponyville was founded by Earth ponies who lack magical powers that unicorns possess. Jobs include: Retrieving the animals who went south for the Winter, waking up the animals who went into hibernation for the Winter, clearing the sky of clouds for the sun to warm the lands of Equestria, and plowing the lands for the crops and making sure they have a fair amount of food for the rest of the year.
Applejack: Nuts Twilight, you used magic in Winter Wrap Up! That's not how we do it around here, Twilight, and especially not on my farm!
Also Ghost Radio's favorite brony song of all time!
by BALLER FRIDAY August 27, 2011
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