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An ok middle school in Glendale, California. Like the rest of Glendale, 87% of the students are Armenians which makes the school smell like Axe. 10% of the population are Hispanics, 2% are Asians, and like 1% are white.

Wilson is really cliquey and the lunch tables are divided by ethnic groups, which is pretty fucked up. The Armenians take up most of the tables, which makes sense since they are the majority. There used to be V-Techs and Armos but apparently those labels aren't really used anymore.

The teachers are pretty good but there's only one good math teacher, the rest are either crazy or aren't really good at teaching math. Wilson's music is really good and sometimes drama puts on good plays. Sometimes.

Wilson doesn't really have a drug problem, there are only a few kids who think they're cool and try pot or crack but they really can't hold anything down. Besides, all the idiots who do drugs on campus always end up getting thrown in Juvenile Correctional Facility.

Unlike Roosevelt Middle School and Toll Middle School (Wilson's neighboring schools), Wilson kids come from pretty wholesome and working class families, which is nice. Wilson doesn't have any real problems, which makes a pretty okay school. Better than Toll and Roosevelt, anyway.
Wilson families are always involved with school events, unlike Toll and Roosevelt families.

Wilson Middle School has a strict no-drug and anti-bullying policy.

Wilson Middle School, Glendale is a pretty good school.
by Arizonna June 05, 2011
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