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Okay, now first off, Wilson is a beat ass town that no one likes. Next, the population in Wilson is about 90. lol. The school is strict as all hell, and its full of drama, people try to get out of Wilson when ever they can, and if you move away your lucky!! Since Wilson is so damn small and the "townies" (a group of kids that hang out in town) are so close, theres always drama. they belevie everything they hear and turn on people whenever possible. Other than that Wilson is a nice town, by lake ontario(:
Carol: Hey, I'm going to hang out in this really small town Wilson ny today,
Billy Bob: Oh, really? dont they have like 5 things to do there?
Carol: yeah, but im going to hang out with all the "townies"
Billy Bob: What are "townies"?

Carol: A bunch of immature kids that hang out in town, there chill though
Billy Bob: Hahaha, well good luck, at least its not NEWFANE!
by xmagicalbudsX December 05, 2011
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