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William Jewell College is a small, liberal arts school set atop a small mountain in the middle of Liberty, MO. Once associated with Southern Baptists, the school has since branched away o a simple Christian affiliation. Students are, needless to say, eclectic. Some are honors students who spend their evenings watching foreign films and brewing their own coffee in their dorm rooms. Others venture to downtown Kansas City to smoke the hookah and wander the streets of Westport donning flannel shirts and TOMS. The last of the population blends in seamlessly, goes home every weekend, or is spending their third semester abroad. Because of Jewell's "moist" campus status, most students must venture off the Hill to party it up at houses designated by sports - baseball, soccer, football, and the lesser-known tennis house. Disregard the campus's outwardly pretentiousness though and you'll find a happy-go-lucky student body who longboard down the slopes, mind their P's & Q's, and complain about the constant wind.
Girl: Where do you want to go to college?
Boy: I'm thinking William Jewell College.
Girl: That ritzy place on the Hill? I hear they're uppity. Good luck.
by mclandie April 28, 2010
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