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1. A form of juice made specifically from a man like God originating from the small town Tyrone, GA.

2. The natural fluid, fluid content, or liquid part that can be extracted from a Wilkey.

You extract the liquid from the mounds of a Wilkey through a large hard cylinder type object with a mushroom top with a drinking hole at the tip.

The juice can be extracted in several ways: constant tugging, kissing, sucking or a pump like motion of a Wilkey pole.

Also known as nectar for the goddesses. Can be used for bad complexion, dehydration of beautiful women and is a great protein supplement that can prolong happiness.
Girl 1: Wow your complexion looks great what is your secret?

Girl 2: I have been using Wilkey Juice once a day and I can feel the difference. It even does your body good to drink it.

Girl 1: Really?? What side effects does it have?

Girl 2: Round mouth, Red eyes & some pelvic pain.

Girl 1: Thats great, I want some...lets go find a Wilkey and get that Juice.
by Dr. William Johnson February 04, 2012
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