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A game played by several males who all get naked in a small room and turn out the lights and cover the windows so no light gets in. The game then begins by everyone spinning around for 30 seconds, then attempting to grab as many wieners as possible (grabbing your own doesn't count). Upon grabbing a wiener, the player shouts, "wiener wiener where's my wiener." The person who's wiener has been grabbed then has 5 seconds to return the grab, or the other player receives 1 point. If the grab is returned, the player receives 2 points, and one point is taken away from the original grabber. The game is played to 50 points, or until a massive gay orgy ensues.
Instead of playing basketball, we decided to play a round of wiener wiener where's my wiener.
by bluekpax December 11, 2008
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