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pronounced Y.O.U.

--present tense:

1. You are (Why OU) and your consciousness wakes about the zombie apocalypse being over-rated and you wake up less afraid of the eternal gift of life than all the leaders of the world combined in a primordial soup of (just add psychopaths) water.

2. One who wakes to being a life form on a planet; and becomes conscious of the responsible role of a creating existence.

--past tense:

1. One who misses the role of an accountable life form on a planet; one or a group of inhuman beings who live and die playing the role of an un-accountable life form on a planet.

2. An inhuman being lost in a culture of fear, hatred, hunger, and consumption; often willing to die and/or kill to maintain a delusion that they are not programed to believe themselves free. Ultra-Nationalist, Racist, Sexist, Belonging to an organized faith that is manipulated and controlled by a ruling class, Fanatical religious follower, or psycopathic leader.

3. A soulless one with a mind divided about itself.
(present) Why OU wakes to a dream that puts all realities to shame.

(present) Why OU is giving a shout-out to all the Inter-dementional beings on the radio.

(past) A Why OU never wakes to a dream that puts all it's realities to shame. In fact Why OU would rather be a zombie, vampire, or an actualized pawn or leader in a corrupt capitalistic, communistic, socialistic, imperialistic, or tribal social structure than a human being on earth or off-planet.

(past) Once again, a Why OU (an embedded and paid faux/caller) called Rush Limbaugh's radio and TV show, and got on-air to praise the host for calling out the evil human life forms, as enemies of the state.
by The I Do Not Know Show October 27, 2014
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