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The Phrase "Whug of Jine" can be broken into two parts, the whug and the jine, then reassembled into a complete meaning.

1. Whug. | Noun. Verb.

Note on pronunciation: Wh-ug | The "h" ***must*** be aspirated after the "w", like in the words why and whisky.
Definition 1. | Noun: A container, usually glass, and most typically used to hold Jine
Definition 2. | Verb: to consume a substance, usually orally, either liquid or vaporous.

Definition 3. | Noun: A small sip, or intake of some substance not belonging to the petitioner.

Definition 4. | Verb: To pass or lend something to someone.

2. Jine. | Noun. Verb. Adj.

Note on pronunciation: J-ae-n | The vowel sound "ae" can and should be extended for some time.

Definition 1. | Noun: An intoxicating substance.

Definition 2. | Verb: To partake in an intoxicating substance. Usually used in the past tense.

Definition 3. | Adj: Describing a noun that has recently partaken or regularly partakes in an intoxicating substance.

Etymology: Believed to be a version of the common phrase "Jug of Whine" first uttered after the original creator had been whugging on they Jineyist of Jines for some time, then whugging forth from his jiney mind newly minted as the phrase "Whug of Jine". Since this jiney time the phrase has forged it's own path, whugging ahead as an entirely new phenomenon, only loosely tied to its roots.
1. "You packin a whug for all this Jine?"

2. "Adam was whuggin' on that Jine for a gotdamn hour."

3. "He was content simply sitting, taking in the fading light of the evening sun; whugging on his pipe, and blowing jine colored smoke into the atmosphere as a cosmic question: 'Is the kingdom of heaven not here, not now, all around me?'"

4. "Hey um, hey m8, um, c'n I get a whug of that Jine?"

5. "Would you whug me some of that Jine, friend. I do believe I will partake."

6. "I've been Jiiined since noon"

7. "Ohio's a Jiney place, my friends. Therefor let us go there to whug with the Ohio boys their most delicious of jines.

8. "Let's go camping and split a Whug of Jine"
by The Ohio Archivist June 06, 2017
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