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It was a cold snowy November morning...a friend picked me up from my estate. We grabbed some food and entered a nearby hipster coffee shop. While playing catch up, a man got hit by a truck. Everyone in the crowded coffee shop stopped typing poetry on their Mac book and looked up. What they saw was horrifying; blood everywhere, truck shattered on the ground. After the paramedics arrived and pronounced him dead on the scene. We all decided we had to go back to our poetry and overpriced espresso. A few minutes later, the mans son fell off the second story and he was still going strong. The barista was in a bad mood after all the craziness and while trying to get a refill on my Bianca white mocha he was being extremely rude. With much despair...the words rang from my mouth “who shit in your Oreos.”
Me: cheer up

Friend: go type your poetry and I hope your flannel rips.

Me: well “who shit in your Oreos
by madscatraz November 22, 2017
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