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Located in the suburban lands of Lorne Park, Whiteoakes is a public park. It includes 4 tennis courts (soon to be 5) in the south, a soccer field in the center, a baseball diamond to the north, a play ground in the vicinity of the tennis courts, a well conserved network of paths through the forest in its west and north ends, and to many sesh spots. Whitoaks is located between Whitoaks Public School in the south-west and Lorne Park Secondary School in the north-east. Considering that Lorne Park Secondary has a predominantly high population of stoners it is only natural for this park to have a plethora of sesh spots which have been used by many generations dating back to the early 2000s due to resent anthropological discoveries. However some anthropological and sociological scholars argue that Whiteoakes doesn't contain any sesh spots but instead is it self a plot of land which is to large to be considered a singular sesh spot.
*exiting Lorne Park Secondary School*
Rob: I want to go hit a popper
John: Wanna go to Whiteoaks Park?
Rob: But which sesh spot? Sanctuary?
John: Naw man, remember someone burned it down
Rob: What ever, we'll stumble upon one anyway
by woodsshitbear November 24, 2013
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