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One of the most stinky and wettest shits in existence, the White Castle shit is the insanely powerful crap you take after consuming those grease wad burgers from the White Castle food chain. Characteristics of a White Castle shit include:

1.Having to hover above the bowl from time to time while shitting in order to avoid being hit by your own fecal debris that reflects off of the interior walls of the toilet

2.Preview Farts that smell so much like White Castle
Burgers that it can make other people in the room hungry

3.Shit that sticks to the bowl so bad that you have to use your roommate’s toothbrush to scrub it off
Person X:"Sniff, sniff, oooohh who bought white castle? Throw me a burger I am so hungry."

Person Y:"I would give you one but they are in my bowels at the moment; that was just a fart you smelling. I am going to have to blast out a white castle shit in a minute or two so if you wanna use the bathroom, do it now."

Person X: "Its all yours man; I think I am going to get a sack of ten."

by old man withers November 11, 2006
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