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White Belt Syndrome is when someone acts and tries to convince people they have a Black Belt rank and or were a Spec Ops soldier of some sort, who are full of shit and aren't even athletes nor ever really train.

A person with WBS will typically claim to have a Black Belt under someone in another far away state that's unverifiable or they say their unit and what they did in the military is classified and can't tell you anything else. Other common symptoms of WBS are posers who like to buy MMA gear they'll hardly ever use, just to show it off to their friends and make up stories of how they went undefeated in some made up Boxing or MMA organization that no longer exists. (Which never did exist.) Another common symptom is they like to dress in camo and like to prance around in public places so everyone can see how much of a wannabe soldier they are. People who suffer from WBS like to have the glory of dedicated fighters and warriors, but not put any effort or dedication into truly becoming one.
I don't understand why you invite Rob over. All he ever does is talk about how great he is and goes on and on about how lethal his hands were in MMA and how he was a mercenary sniper with 500 kills. I don't think I ever seen such an out of shape poser with that bad of White Belt Syndrome in my life!
by ej7x January 28, 2015
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