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Some people don't think that we white folk have culture. Sure it's not as good as Native American culture, in which you get to get high, (also rasta people) or Danish culture where you do whatever the fuck Danish is, (find Denmark on a map, I dare you) but we have culture. Has your school ever been shot up after Kahoot glitched and someone lost his streek? That is an example of White culture. Have you ever wondered why black people have stopped doing something? Ruining things that black people do is part of the white culture as well. Have you ever seen a man not fit entirely through a waterslide (built by immigrants who were paid practically nothing) and then seen a negative review of the said water park by that same man because the waterslide fat-shamed him? This is also white culture. Have you ever seen someone be beaten to death with a selfy stick at a One Direction concert? That is as white as it gets. Have you ever seen a Tumblr page in which someone complains about how they were misgendered for the fortieth time? (as if other Tumblr posts exist) White culture. Have you ever been called gay on the internet? White culture. So think twice next time you say white people have no culture.
Guy one:"Damn, the white culture center for girls has a very long line today,"
Guy two: "You mean Starbucks?"
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by not-a-cult-leader January 30, 2018
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