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The only races that has a majority of smart and successful people. If you don’t agree, look at the leading countries in the world. Almost all of Europe, the US, and major Asian countries. Look at the black parts of Africa, Mexico, so much of the Middle East. All other races have a small bit of smart people, but whites and Asians are almost all smart. Even the Mexicans are trying to leave their country to have a better life. Africa is practically in the Stone Age. And most of the Middle East will murder you if you disagree with them.
White person: *Sends a human to space
Asian person: *invents new peice of technology
Black person: what’s poppin nigga cuh? * shoots another black person for no given reason
Middle eastern guy: *smacks wife while throwing a gay off a building
Mexican:*crosses border to live with the white people who pay for their everyday needs
White and Asian people : *running the world
by An intellectual November 20, 2017
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