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A place in shropshire that is in walking distance of Wales,the population according to the 2011 cencus is 8,923.The town was founded by the Romans in AD 52.The small town has not a lot of shops 3 large parks and home to the best chip shop ever,chesters,popular belief says the best chip shop is gardeners but in my personal opinion chesters wins every time,there are 3 goverment funded schools which are sir john talbots(the one that i go to) the junior school and the infants,also there are 2 major churches which are St johns and St alkmonds
that is about it,a small but very friendly town with a low crime rate.
Person 1:I want to live in a small quiet and friendly town.
Person 2:You should live in Whitchurch (shropshire) as it is small quite and very friendly.
by Cooner Brackenridge July 19, 2011
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