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when a guy is going down on a girl and her long pubes tickle his nose and causes him to sneeze, and gets snot all over her female genitalia, creating an icing on her muffin.
Charles: Damn, I was eating this chick out the other night and she tickled me with her pubes and i snotted all over her whisker muffin.

Boomer: GROSS!
by Balooshy September 17, 2008
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Verb. To brush your facial hair over female genitalia in a sweeping (whisking) motion. Generally performed by fully bearded men with hanging or robust whiskers, but can be accomplished by any dangling facial hair. Play on words "whisk-her-muffins."

Noun 1. Can be used as a descriptive noun of the verb form. The act of brushing one's whiskers against pussy in a whisking, sweeping manners. Should be a pleasurable, albeit strange act.

Noun 2. A very energetic indoor cat with the mind of a genius. Insists on being addressed as "Mister" despite being a cat with few notable accomplishments.
1. Yo, I had a full beard going and whiskermuffin'd Theresa last night. It was great, but she got a bit chafed.

2. Ah Theresa? She won't put out at all unless you give her some whiskermuffins. She's addicted to beardfaces up on that snatch.

3. I was late yesterday and Mr. Whiskermuffins got pissed and scratched the hell out of my face. I'm gonna have to grow a beard to cover the scars. At least I'll be able to whiskermuffin Theresa again. She won't smooch me unless she gets a whiskermuffin here and there.
by beeuhnay June 04, 2014
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