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It means what up, im superior your inferior. Age is wisdom. Wisdom is age. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is Wisdom. But Wisdom isn't power, having lots of power isn't wise. Being knowledgeable makes you powerful by your wisdom experience and level going up. LOL High Wisdom = Large magic level regeneration. Your so smart, drugs won't make you stupid, nor anything you eat or drink. Your magic level goes back up with time, as your wounds heal from time.
Time Heals All Wounds.

Bottom line, What up Son means how are you doing, I bet we could learn something. IN MY OPINION. It's not about whos better, its about whos more experienced, whos the wise guy.

"What up son"
"sup nigga"
"how you feelin boy?"

"im alright dad"

My nigga across the street said "what up son" I said what up Dad. He said how you doin lil niggaro?

I'm fine home boy.
by Kraibrid July 20, 2014
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