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Alright peeps, here's the deal! .. Many are asking what #WhaaaBoooom means, or as they spell it on The Bachelorette Season 13 ... #Whaboom, as Lucas Yancey's occupation. The word encompasses much complexity, and can be used freely for any occasion. WhaBoom is a way of life and lifestyle. It is an emotion, a feeling, a way to express oneself.

**IE: One may say, "that was cool!" or one could say, "Wow, that was Whaboom right there!"

A few of many Synonyms: Cool, Legit, Awesome, Amazing, Ridiculous, Wild, Loving, Charming and even Insane!

It's also a way to express excitement, love, intense emotion, feelings towards others and things. It is something we all have inside of us, and we just need to let it out! It can be a verb, a noun, an adjective, an adverb even a pronoun. One can BE Whaboom or express the feeling of Whaboom. It's all about HOW you say it!! .. Can one describe LOVE? Well, it's the same here ... it's so simple, yet the complexity is deep! Use wisely; hold on loosely and don't let go ;) Live that WhaBoom kind of LIfe! :)
Sentences Describing - Whaboom aka WhaaaBoooom

(Deep in thought) -- "You know Jenn.... it's just a WhaBoom kind of day! Gorgeous and beautiful in every way, just like you."

"I had lunch with Tom the other day, and that guy was WhaaaBoooomed out of his mind! Crazy !!"

After the man slammed the basketball .. he yelled , " WhaaaBoooom !!! " .. (expressing his feeling of intense awesome emotion !!! )

"It's WhaaaBooom time baby!!" (As the person was getting ready for the big race, or perhaps before a concert or even sexual intercourse.) #OMGface #Lol

"That girl has some WhaaaBoooom style right there" -- (Meaning, that girl has some legit style)

"I'll have the WhaBoom please." -- (Person asking the waiter for a "future" menu item)

"Can I give you a quick WhaBoom on the cheek" ... (meaning a kiss .. or however you would like to incorporate it)

" WhaaaaaBoooooom!! " -- (Person belting out WhaaaaBoooom because he is having a great time)

*Remember its allll about how you say it, not what is said" --- It's a way of life and much more! Live that WhaBoom kind of life! :)
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by Mr. WhaBoom May 20, 2017
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