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1. A whip-like sound that is uttered when a male who is whipped by his girlfriend walks into a room.

Sometimes a whip-like hand motion is added for emphasis.

2. Can be used to replace the expression "oh snap!" such as when a major victory/butt kicking takes place.

3. If someone 'burns' another person verbally, saying 'wha-chh' afterwards is also appropriate.
1. "Haha, he's so whipped. Wha-chh!"
"Yeah, his girl's got him tied around her finger."

2. "We totally KILLED that team from the other school at last night's game! WHA-CHH!"
"Yeah, those pansies!"

3. "You smell like farts!"
"Haha! Oh, WHA-CHH!"
by McSwee February 06, 2010
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