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N. - Claiming superiority for one's own race, ethnicity, or nation by tying them to unrelated past events, usually through false history or pseudoscience.
It's derived from the phrase "We wuz kangs" (ebonics for "We were kings"), a parody of Afrocentrists who erroneously believe that West Africans are genetically related to ancient Egyptian Pharaohs.
The definition has since been applied to anyone making bullshit claims, regardless of their race or ethnic group. For example, several prominent early Nazis believed that the Germans' ancestors were Nordic superhumans from Atlantis.

Wewuzzery also includes people claiming continuity from nations they have little-to-no cultural or historical heritage from. Many examples involve the Roman Empire; from German kings, to Popes, to Russian Tsars, to Ottoman Sultans, hundreds of rulers in history have claimed authority deriving from the Caesars.

What truly differentiates wewuzzery from harping on about historical greatness is that the claim must be BULLSHIT. If someone talks about how great their country is because they won a war 500 years ago, it's not wewuzzery if historians agree that the war happened. If there's no historical or scientific proof to back up the claim but they claim it anyway, then it's wewuzzery.

The perticiple form of wewuzzery is wewuzzing.
The Chinese claim that their authority stretches back 2,000 years to some mythical dynasty is pure wewuzzery.
by admiralakbar1 May 21, 2018
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