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When you catch your wife, a Cleveland native, committing adulterously sexual acts with your recently planted tomato plant. Instead of being angry, you proceed to have a raunchy no-limits sex fest with the plant and your wife. As your infant son watches from the window, certainly scarring him for life, you make the mother of your infant child eat wet dirt while penetrating her. After an hour of passionate lovemaking, it’s time for all participants of the ungodly genital jamboree to switch positions. Your wife is now the tomato plant, which means she needs to be buried taint-deep in dirt and spray-painted red. The tomato plant now assumes the role of the man and you will have to gaze your recently planted wife in the eyes as the stem of the tomato plant sodomizes you. At this point in the botany sex fest, you notice your teenager daughter in the window along with your infant son. You tell them its important for this family progress and continue to get pounded by the seeded tomato plant.
Jonathan, why is my wife in a potted plant? Because George, she just got wet cleveland tomato'ed.
by Seaniebananas December 04, 2016
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