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The LA Oriental Boy's, A.K.A. WSOBZ,LAOB,Westside Oriental Boyz or Original Brothers started in the late 1970's,they were the first and original Oriental Boyz Gang. As a gang, they represented the blue rag(Crips) but they weren't trying to copy the black gangs. They represented blue because they were originally Westside Oriental Boyz, soon other rivals gangs started the Eastside Oriental Boyz, who represented the red rag. Even though east and west is similar for Oriental Boyz.. some still didn't get along for their colors just like the crips and bloods
Eh Homie! What you bang??
Westside Oriental Boyz Crip Gang Cuhz!! A.K.A. WSOBZ,LAOB,Westside Oriental Boyz!
Young-from that Westside Oriental Boyz
by Young LAOB August 18, 2007
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