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the most horrible high school you can possibly go to. there are no hot guys and all the girls are sluts. more than half of the school does drugs, and the other half goes out and gets drunk every weekend. most of the teachers there are total bitches that dont give a shit about the students. the subs drink as much as the kids do, and theres never enough food at lunch. the sports teams have to team up with other schools just so there can be sports teams, and the town its located in is in the middle of nowhere. if you move to westport, dont go to westport high school.
"where do you go to school?"
"westport high school"
"dude i hope you dont get me addicted to weed or something"
by th3r3alslimshady420 January 26, 2012
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a high school in the shittiest town to live in.... westport mass. Everyone is shady and two faced and everyone loves to talk shit. If you dont want your kids to become raging pot heads dont school them at westport high in that case any school in the westport community schools department . also fall river kids are usually not liked and they look weird an ecaple is the sea cucumber from spongebob. the teachers are not only as big of pot heads as the students but are very bad and do not know how to teach. the school lunch is horrible and is usually served cold. the school also looks like its going to colapse just looking at it
westport, westport comunity schools, westport high school
by crazypothead May 08, 2011
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