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1. An isolated bubble of a town for rich white kids who wear white polo shirts with the collars popped, khaki pants, dockers, and a polo hat. No open house parties, everyone's first car is a BMW, there's a town pool but they'd all rather go to their country clubs, and instead of having a bunch of different cliques, there's just the preps and the nerds. Then there's approximately 5 people who don't belong in Weston at all, and actually have jobs because their parents won't pay for everything they want. People like this are considered to be complete losers in Weston, but actually have normal friends outside of Weston.

2. A place that I'm ashamed to live in. I can't stand the people here, my family's probably gonna be homeless cuz living here is so damn expensive, and everyone thinks I'm a complete dumbass cuz I don't plan on going to an Ivy when I graduate. The people here have no fucking idea what the real world is like, and no-one seems to understand that gangsta is NOT a fucking fashion statement. Also, almost none of the guys here ever get a girlfriend, cuz they won't settle for anything less than Megan Fox. This place SUCKS. DON'T come here!!! I'm moving out the moment I graduate.

3. A town that paid a homeless man to leave, because he was "ruining our town's image."
1. (reconstruction of an actual story, no joke)
Weston, MA mom: I don't like the way this microwave looks in our kitchen...the colors don't flow nicely.

Weston dad: Alright, I'll bring it to the dump and get a new one.

2. Hot chick: So are you from around here?

Me: Uh...yeah kinda...

Hot chick: ...?

Me: Um....Weston....

Hot chick: Oh. (gets up and leaves)
by llfortunatesondvll April 03, 2011
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