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Two of the many sections of Boston, borders J.P, Hyde Park and Mattapan. It is a working/middle class neighborhood.

It is predominately Irish but recently (2008-2010) There has been an increase in the black and Hispanic population. Kids often get into territorial fights while repping their section. They think they are tough, get drunk at Billings or Fallon field. Often rock fitted Red Sox hats and Celtics jerseys and throw threes up to rep Boston like every other Boston kid. Many of the Westie/Rozzi kids go to Boston Public schools like BLA and BLS O'bryant and South Boston Harbor. However some suburban kids who don't like the Westie/Rozzi kids try to say they are rich because many go to catholic private schools like CM. Which is an affordable private school for any working class family. Also on the border of Westie and Rozzie is the notorious Beech St Projects . Westie/Rozzie kids can be fags because they talk mad shit and some of them cant back it up and rely on their friend to save them form getting their shit wrecked by other kids. Sum Westie/Rozzie kids form whack crews that lots of other kids hate. Usually when not with a crew the kids are ok. Some kids not in those crews have seperate crews that are also tough and sell drugs. They are smaller and usually don't fight people just for being from somewhere else because they are more concerned with making money. Also Westie/Rozzi Kids are infamous for The Ratio and for egg wars.
"What do you think of Westie/Rozzie"-Interviewer
"I'm from Murdapan and i got my niggas from Rozzi and Westie but those kids in the woodies and fruitsnveggies is st8 faggets, they needa watch who dey step to"-Real Nigga
by 617realnigga November 11, 2010
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