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A Western Sandwich is when you drop a really, really wet mud gremlin (wet shit), preferably diarrhea. Then don't wipe and stick someones nose in the crevice of your anus. In turn, their nose will look like really saucy chicken wings.
There are many different versions of the Western Sandwich, you can get it with the crust off (when someone has been constipated for several weeks and has a really dry ass), and you can also get many additions, such as ketchup (blood), mustard (urine), and mayonnaise (semen). Any other additions are up to the giver of the Western Sandwich.
"My life was fulfilled when I received a Western Sandwich from my close friend"

"Hey man, how much for a Western Sandwich?" "Only $3.65!", "Wow, that's a very good rate"

"Can I have my Western Sandwich with the crust off"

"Can I get some extra ketchup and mustard on that Western please"

"I'll take an extra sloppy Western Sandwich please, WITH MAYONNAISE!"

"That Western Sandwich took like 3 hours to get off my nose, BUT I LIKED IT!"

"Dude, Western Sandwiches are taking over my life, it's like, all I think about is receiving one..." "FROM MY SIBLINGS!"

"Eww Dude, Sibling Western Sandwiches are gross"

"Can I get a Western Sandwich with everything on it! INCLUDING RELISH AND ANCHOVIES!"

by b shock June 25, 2007
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