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The most diverse White school you will ever see.
Most attending used to be foreign at one point in their lives but succumbed to the white clichés such as obsessive facebook use and creation of drama at one wrong glance at the wrong person.
Those who delude themselves into believing haven't turned "white-wash", although they express these actions daily, spend large amounts of effort sticking to one group and ignoring all others such as the Korean, Chinese, German, Persian and so on groups.
West Vancouver Secondary "gangsters" consist of mainly individuals who think they’re tough, pretend they're street and act like they work selling drugs everyday and they've seen things that would scar you for life.
Right. We’re all aware your daddy bought you those “gangsta clothes” and your "badass" drug trade originated from the British Properties. I’ve seen worse than that on my way to the bus stop.

Student classes are set into two different divisions. The Regular students, and the IB students.

The difference between regular students and IB students, is if in IB, everyone in regular assumes your freaking brilliant.
Even in the early stages of grade 10 when IB isn’t even that much harder than regular, your report card score might as well go up 30%.
“He got a 60% average? Oh but he’s in IB so it must be like a 90 in regular.”
Not that the IB students are rushing to correct them.
But unlike the common high school drama, no group is really considered to be “popular” but instead labelled –rightly- as preps. Because everyone else, doesn’t really have a drive to be a prep. They have something that separates them from that. Ambition.

Not that it matters especially, because it’s not what you know, it’s what you inherit.
"If you're going to West Vancouver Secondary School, you better be loaded. Or at least act like it."
by Dammit Earth January 07, 2009
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