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A deviantART user who's ego is enormous. Everything he says about Disney's "The Lion King" is true. If it's not a Scar recolor with just TWO MORE SCARS-- IT'S NOT MHEETU.

He preaches that Mheetu has no canon design, but said to click the concept art for his official design. He got banned and should've STAYED banned. Not to mention, he thinks that because Vitani's gender was never made clear in The Lion King 2, even though she's obviously female, she MUST be a maneless lion! OMG!

He claims that all of his stupid theories are FAAAACT and cannot be argued with, because, apparently, he is always right. A well known TLK Artist on dA claims that Were lied to dA staff that someone hacked dA to give him more points, even though he did it to give himself more points, to get unbanned. He has numerous suck-ups who vigorously stroke his ego. He is terrified of unscary creepypasta and thinks it'll horrify all of his watchers, and, not to mention, he has an ego-stroking poll in his polls, maybe more. Everyone who says he's good or something, he praises it. Rinjapine, KashimusPrime and Zennaraus are all better than him. All of Were's art looks the same, while these artists can draw things that aren't clones.
"Mheetu has no canon design."

/while on Werebereus' stamp

"Click these links to see Mheetu's canon design! /links CONCEPT ART instead of a final print, which was never produced"
by Sheaton September 07, 2011
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