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A term created by a group of boys from the Upper 6 community, St. Mary's College, Trinidad and Tobago. It emulates the extremities of a situation, can be used as a verb, noun, adverb, pronoun, adjective etc. The purpose of this phrase is to capture, contain and re-emit memories of a situation, be it good, bad, funny or indifferent. It can be considered as the phrase to fill the gap in the English language which is in-explainable and so it can be adapted to describe any situation once the receiver comprehends the situation.
David is going to get the Weng Peng from that girl
This drink has too much alcohol, it has to be a Weng Peng!
Tonight, I must meet a girl and get the Weng Peng.
Wenggggggg Penggggggggg!
This is a Weng Peng kind of party!
by Upper 6 Boy4Life July 01, 2011
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