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1. NOUN. A stupid woman using no logic in her thoughts, words, ideas, or actions.

2. ADJECTIVE. Used to describe a women's thoughts which are devoid of any logic.

ORIGIN: One night, my family brought up how bad the movie "The Blair Witch Project" was. My mom said," The lady's at work said it was good..." "Yeah, you and your WENCH...(PAUSES AND LOOKS AROUND SEARCHING FOR A WORD) DICKHEAD ladies at work..." Added my dad.
EX. 1) Nikki let Karissa go home early from work at the dinner, but Nikki told Karissa she could leave like 7 minutes after her parents had finished eating and left the restaurant, and Nikki KNEW Karissa's parents were Karissa's parents had to turn around and pick Karissa up from the restaurant. Nikki is a total wench dickhead.

Ex. 2) With all the catty girls and favoritism bullshit going on, this place is definitely turning more and more into a wench dick head fest.
by thetrophyone October 09, 2011
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