Well whiskey is an alcoholic beverage that is most commonly processed in Well Pennsylvania. In order to be considered true “Well Whiskey” the beverage must be brewed from Well Wheat.

Well Wheat is a unique wheat that is both robust, and versatile. The high yield, associated with the agricultural process, makes Well Whiskey a very economical beverage. Also, the versatility of this plant allows for multiple flavors to be derived from the same wheat. Hence, most bars carry Well Whiskey, Well Rum, Well Gin, and a variety of other well products. They are all derived from the same type of wheat.

The Well Wheat was first introduced to the America’s by a British archeologist named Alexander Well. Recently, historic revisionists have discovered that Alexander Wells last name is derived from the Latin; Welluk Exuberus. This means monetary exuberance, or exuberant spending.

So, it’s ironic that Well Whiskey, which is so cheap, can be linked to the Latin term for monetary exuberance.

Spoofs Well Whiskey
by The Bar Fly November 19, 2008