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well I ain't building no bookcase

a sarcastic response to the query "what are you doing?""what are you doing with that" when your exact intentions are clearly obvious

comes from a line from a line in the 4th episode of the HBO series BOARDWALK EMPIRE by bootlegger Chalky White as played by Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) orating the grand wizerd of the kkk about the lynching death of his father shortly before torturing him
Chalky's dead father was a carpentor.Chalky whips out his old carpentry tools, the klansman responds "what are you going to do with them?" chalky responds
"well I ain't building no bookcase"
theres a pipe in front of you. you start packing it with pot your friend says "you gonna smoke that"
you say...

Well I ain't building no bookcase
by slappy the singing sea otter November 08, 2010
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