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One who does nothing adventuresome or active over their weekends.

Usually a weekend wimp is not spontaneous and does nothing of value or purpose over their weekends. Ironically though, their weekends are probably more spirited and interesting than their week days - how sad. Many weekend wimps spend hours and hours of watching YouTube videos in their bed, constantly picking up food from ToGo eateries and pickup only restaurants. If there is a Briscos within reasonable distance, 98% of all meals will be purchased from that location. Weekend wimp's tend to over-enjoy the fork dispensers and milk selection at these types of places.
Wilson: Hey let's go see a movie this weekend!!

Andy: Alright, I'd love that, do you think Keezlie will come?

Wilson: Ask him, it's worth a try...

Andy: A Keezlie, do you want to join us for a movie this weekend, it's on us man!

Keezlie: I'd rather just cum.

Wilson: What a weekend wimp that Keezlie is.

Andy: Indeed!!!

Justin: I love AIDS!!
by UNOWN301 May 19, 2014
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