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1. Noun; The sixteenth week of the seventeen-week NFL Regular Season

2. Noun; The week when, in 2009, Indianapolis Colts President Bill Polian decided to sit his team's starters in the second half of a game against the New York Jets, who were fighting for one of the AFC Wild-Card spots. This move cost the Colts the game and gave the Jets a playoff birth at the expense of the Houston Texans. When questioned about his decision in the days after the game, Polian became defensive, stating that he didn't care about going undefeated. Even so, this series of events continues to haunt Colts fans. In the aftermath of the situation, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell stated that it was unfair for teams to charge fans full price for games which did not feature starters, and moved to change the NFL schedule so that the final weeks of the season would feature a large number of divisional games, which he hoped would be more meaningful and reduce the chances that a team would rest its starters.

3. Verb; To rest on one's laurels for questionable reasons when one has the chance to attain something greater, especially when such a decision significantly affects others.
1. The New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons will face each other on Monday Night Football in Week 16 of the 2010 NFL Season.

2. Week 16 was one of the darkest moments for the Colts and their fans since the franchise moved to Indianapolis in 1984, arguably surpassed only by wrenching playoff losses to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1995 and 2005 seasons.

3. Jill: Hey Bill, are you going to do the extra credit work and try for an A in Mr. Smith's class?

Bill: Nah, I'm gonna Week 16 it and settle for a B.

Jill: You're just too lazy to do the extra work! And if you get a B then your parents won't take you and your sister out to dinner. Think how crushed she'll be!

Bill: Too bad, so sad.
by LV Steelers Fan June 28, 2010
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