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<Found in the homoerectus genial family>
<warm-blooded mammal>
Domesticated in North America. Promenate in mainly colder climates, but able to live in temperate climates.

n: Main purpose is used commercially for the purpose of fertilization and grooming of lawns, farms, and golf courses. Feed off of planetary weeds and disease infected grasses. Natural digestive enzymes within weedeaters internalize and filter carcinogens that cause cancer. Currently on the Endangered Species List because of excess poaching in the 1960's and inhalation and consumption of deadly fertilizers and golf balls. Due to the endangerment of the Weedeater, the weedeater preservation Society (WPS) was created in the early 90's in association with PETA to conserve such a vital species to grasslands. Predominately found in western countries such as Ireland where they roam freely. The posession of a weedeater is seen as a high symbol of society in some foreign countries. In North America, some middle-class and upper-class citizens and families own or breed the weedeater. The price of a weedeater runs approximately $750-$1250 depending upon its pedigree and age.

V: To be a person that enjoys vegetables.
The National Country Club of Ireland owns approximately eleven Weedeater (mammal) in order to take care of their three-hundred forty-five acres of golf holes.
by McLanahan O'Shetfield March 11, 2008
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