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When you pick up for both yourself and your roommate and have to split the supply evenly but don't have a scale, the two roommates will engage in a "weed draft" to decide who gets which nugs. The rules of the draft are as follows:

1. It must be administered by a neutral party.
2. The two draftees flip a coin to decide who gets to pick first.

3. The first person selects a nug and the second person selects what they believe most equal to that nug size. If no nug is the same size, they may select two or more nugs if they are deemed equal in size by the moderator.
4. The players take turns picking the first nug each round.

5. When the pile dwindles to just 4 or 5 nugs, the remaining weed must be split evenly as a collective to guarentee fair play. Rocks paper scissors then decides who gets to pick first from the final split.

6. Ideally, once the piles have been distributed, another third party, absent during the draft, will come to judge whether or not the piles are evenly distributed.
7. Smoke.
Jack went to pick up for himself and Jill at the well. Upon returning, the two needed to split their weed order in half but did not have a scale. Thus, to evenly distribute the weed, Jack and Jill engaged in a weed draft.
by weed fan December 19, 2012
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