UK Version:
0.5g = Blueys, fives (bit)

1g = Tens (bit), a bag

3.5g = 3-5, eighth

7g = Q, Quarter
14g = Half (oz)
28g/1oz = Ounces, Zs, Oz, Os
16oz = Pound, Bs, Bricks
35oz = Ks, Kilos
"Yo bro, i only got a fiver can you sort me a blueys?"
"How many grams is there in a ounce", "Twenty Eight bro you need to know your weed measurements"
by yhfrag September 19, 2019
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Some common amounts of dro for sale.

1g - G
3.5g - Eighth (1/8 oz)
7g - Quarter (1/4 oz)
14g - Half O (1/2 oz)
28g - Zip (1 oz)
16oz - Pound (16 oz)

Any more than that, you best know what you're doing.
ex.) My guy is moving a couple zips a day cuz im pushing almost a zip every night.

ex.)Hahaha this punk just bought 3 g's when he coulda got .5g free. Gotta know you're weed measurements, so you dont do stupid sht.
by AyyItzJAMIN August 24, 2009
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