A story someone makes to compensate for a lack of sex life.
A weeaboo tale from my man Kodak, represent G i trmmed it so fucking small.
My life had no purpose and I would often push myself to heart failure. Filled with rage, i flipped the entire county upside down looking for the man, my feelings getting the best of me. Finally, five hours later I found the cunt. I walked out, gun in hand and approached the man. I spoke with him and fired in his direction, what I did not realize was that Ariana was watching me and that the MP5 knocked me back on the ground, making me miss my shot,
The cunt ran off, Ariana too. I knew that this was the end.
Sirens wailed in the distance, giving me a scare, making me shaky. I positioned the barrel to my mouth and fired, the bullet going through my right cheek, however the pain was enough to knock me out.
Dreaming about an alternative reality where I was the one on top was clearly just a dream amd I knew it. I was in a coma due to being dropped by the reckless EMTs.
After the realization, my bootcamp duties were releived, and I was a free man. I am now paying in my bed, crying myself to sleep because I know I cannot win her back, the man she is with must be super rich, I am here sleeping in an alleyway near my house because my mother does not want to see me anymore, ever. I figured my chances are zero, I should give up. But that was never an option I would consider, ever. And so my last chance started, I was ready to be a man and give a pause to my feelings, Ariana, here I come~.
by KODAK45555 August 26, 2018